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Apple and Samsung Back in Court to Recalculate Damages

by Jacob Kleinman | November 12, 2013November 12, 2013 4:00 pm PDT


Last year following a high profile patent trial, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple just over $1 billion in damages. Since then, that penalty has been dropped to about $600 million, but today the two tech titans will return to the courtroom to decide if Samsung should be forced to pay more on top of that and, if so, how much.

Just like in 2012, the trial will take place in California and will focus on Apple’s claims that Samsung directly copied the hardware and software from its iPhone and iPad devices, stealing sales from Cupertino in the process. Last year, the South Korean company brought out internal documents in an attempt to prove it had been working on touchscreen smartphones and tablets before Apple released its own products, but starting today the only subject on the table is how much Samsung will have to pay on top of the $600 million it already owes.

Apple’s continued attacks against Samsung are often viewed as a part of the company’s proxy battle against Google over claims that its Android OS is a blatant ripoff of iOS. But with Samsung dominating the Android market and beating Apple in a number of regions there’s a clear incentive for Cupertino to go after the Galaxy-maker as well.

The entire trial is slated to last just six days with the final arguments to be made on Nov. 19 before the jury goes into deliberation. A decision from the jury is expected before Thanksgiving.


Jacob Kleinman

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