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Samsung Accused of Purposely Leaking Secret Apple Documents

by Brandon Russell | November 9, 2013November 9, 2013 11:00 am PST


A judge has made the determination that Samsung purposely leaked secret Apple documents in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage. Via The Verge, a judge believes the Korean company breached an order to only use Apple’s confidential patent licensing agreements in context to the trial, saying Samsung leaked the documents to almost 100 employees and up to 130 unauthorized lawyers. If Samsung is found guilty, the company and its lawyers could face sanctions.

In the big trademark battle between Apple and Samsung, Apple was forced to hand over documents in an attempt to encourage the “legal discovery process,” but only for use in the case itself. Samsung apparently fessed up to leaking the documents, but called it an “inadvertent disclosure.” According to The Verge, Samsung tried to use the information as leverage while negotiating a deal with Nokia, citing a prior agreement made between Apple and Nokia. Of the leak, Samsung executive Dr. Seungho Ahn simply said, “All information leaks.”

A hearing to sort this mess out is currently scheduled for Dec. 9, when Apple and Nokia will present suggestions for punishment. Samsung, meanwhile, has been asked to prepare a defense.


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