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Here’s Fresh Batch of Super Mario 3D World Screenshots – Cat Goombas!

by Joey Davidson | November 8, 2013November 8, 2013 8:30 pm PDT

Super Mario 3D World is shaping up to be one of the biggest offerings on the Wii U since the console’s launch. Nintendo has enjoyed a renewed sense of hype for the upcoming game, and part of that excitement comes from the awesome screenshots and trailers that have been shared as of late.

Today’s new batch is no exception.

Flip through the gallery at the head of this post for a huge dose of vibrant colors, 3D platforming, enemies as cats and a glimpse at a Mario Kart themed level.

Super Mario 3D World is set to drop for the Wii U on Nov. 22. We should be getting a review copy in the coming days. Depending on the coverage restrictions it comes with, we’ll have a review and some gameplay videos up  soon.

Until then, are you looking forward to Mario’s newest romp?

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