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First Tizen TV Won’t Launch Until After Tizen Smartphone

by Jacob Kleinman | November 8, 2013November 8, 2013 8:00 pm PST

samsung Kim Hyun-seok

Samsung is expected to launch its first Tizen-powered smartphone in early 2014 and may even unveil Tizen 3.0 next week at a developer conference in Seoul, but that doesn’t mean the South Korean company is gearing up to flood the market with Tizen products any time soon.

Speaking at the Smart TV Global Summit, Kim Hyun-seok, head of Samsung Electronics’ visual display unit, admitted that the first Tizen TV is still a work in progress. While the company has made significant headway with the device, it definitely won’t be ready in time to launch alongside the first phone running the HTML5-based operating system.

Samsung is already taking steps to offer a unified platform across its current Smart TVs and Android phones. Last month at its first annual Developers Conference in California the company launched five new SDKs, with the majority geared towards bridging the two separate product lines. Tizen would give Samsung even more control over its own ecosystem, but it also provides the company with a exit strategy if for some reason it’s no longer able to work with Google in the future.

Korea Herald

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