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United and America Airlines Now Allow Electronic Devices During Lift-off

by Ron Duwell | November 7, 2013November 7, 2013 1:00 pm PDT


Thanks to new FAA regulations, airline passengers no longer have to turn of their electronic devices during the aircraft’s lift-off and landing. Delta and JetBlue have already complied with the new rule, and now United and American Airlines have both jumped aboard as well.

Both carriers announced the change in rules yesterday in a statement, and as of now you no longer have to put down your eReader or stop your Plants vs Zombies round. Voice calls are still not allowed and, until Wi-Fi is officially accepted by carriers during the entire flight, you won’t be able to surf the Web.

Larger objects such as laptops must still be stowed away along with the tray tables in front of you, but tablets, smartphones, eReaders and even that 8-bit black-and-white Game Boy running on AA batteries are accepted.


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