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Apple Adds New Manufacturing Partners to Increase Production

by Jacob Kleinman | November 6, 2013November 6, 2013 2:00 pm PDT

iPhone 5c - Review - Featured Image

A new report from The Wall Street Journal claims Apple tapped two new companies to help increase the production of its iOS devices and boost inventory. The move also represents Apple’s efforts to distance itself from Foxconn over both labor violations and ongoing disputes between the two companies.

Taiwanese company Wistron will take over iPhone 5c production, while Compal will manufacture new copies of the iPad mini. WSJ doesn’t specify whether the company will focus on the original 7.9-inch tablet or the new iPad mini with Retina display, which is reportedly in short supply, though adding a new manufacturer could help alleviate that problem. Compal apparently also reserved an entire factory building in China for next year’s iPhone, though WSJ notes Apple hasn’t asked the company to manufacture a new smartphone just yet.

Apple’s relationship with Foxconn has reportedly grown increasingly cold, despite the two company’s heavy reliance on one another. Foxconn still handles iPhone 5s production and Apple contracts make up 40 percent of its yearly revenue, but the Chinese company’s chairman Terry Gou is wary of growing too dependent on Cupertino and is also unwilling to cut its prices in exchange for increased orders.

Hopefully the new contracts ensure that Apple’s fresh products have plentiful supply. As it stands, it’s still tough to find some iPhone 5s models, depending on your location.

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