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Samsung’s Rumored 13.3-Inch Tablet Pegged For 2014 Launch

by Jacob Kleinman | November 5, 2013November 5, 2013 4:30 pm PDT

Samsung Note 10.1 2014 Edition-Front

We’ve been hearing rumors all year that Samsung could release 12-inch tablet, but apparently even that may not be big enough. A new report from ETNews claims the Galaxy-maker is preparing to release a 13.3-inch Android slate next year. We’re not quite sure why someone would need a tablet so large, especially since that’s approaching a laptop-sized display, but maybe Samsung has a better idea.

ETNews claims Samsung is disappointed by recent Galaxy S4 sales and, as a result, is changing its overall strategy with the hopes that a super-sized tablet will be its next hot ticket item. The article also notes the new device would specifically put its scopes on the struggling PC and laptop business and may employ an octa-core processor.

Today’s rumor follows a similar report that claims Apple is testing a 12.9-inch iPad at a Foxconn facility. We admit it wouldn’t be out of character for Samsung to take a shot in the dark with a larger tablet, but Apple is typically far more conservative when it comes to expanding the screen size on its devices far beyond the industry norms.


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