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iPad With 12.9-inch Display Allegedly in Testing at Foxconn

by Todd Haselton | November 5, 2013November 5, 2013 9:00 am PST

Apple iPad Air-Lock Screen

This is one of those rumors that we really wish would die, but it still keeps popping up. It surfaced last in May of this year, when a rumor suggested Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad was on schedule to launch sometime next year. The often-correct news site, 9to5Mac labeled the rumor ridiculous, but a new rumor today suggests that the device is in testing.

According to PadNews, Apple supplier Foxconn is working with the 12.9-inch tablet and is working on “UI prototype debugging.” The report isn’t very clear, since we’re pretty sure Apple would be the one to do any debugging, though it’s possible that’s in reference to machines that would work on manufacturing the larger iPad. The site suggests that Apple will launch the device in March of next year.

We think most people who need a larger screen than what’s available on the iPad Air would be best suited by simply moving to a MacBook Air. Until we get some solid evidence that this is really a project in development by Apple, we’re writing this off as a tall tale.

Todd Haselton

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