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Digg Launches New Site Dedicated Solely to Video

by Brandon Russell | November 5, 2013November 5, 2013 5:30 pm PDT


There’s now a specific wing dedicated solely to videos on Digg. Like its parent website, Digg Video focuses on finding the most interesting and popular content on the Internet, a mix of both entertainment and informative. Everything from the look and feel is the same: one featured video sits on top, supplemented by two columns below that. The new project only exists on the Web for now, but updates to both the iOS and Android apps are coming soon.

Digg explained in its announcement that content with featured video does significantly better than other stories on “Apparently the world is even more bored at work than we knew,” Digg said. “It’s the Digg you already know and love, just in video form.”

For starters, Digg’s editors will post about two-dozen or so videos per day, just as it does with regular stories over on its parent site. Those familiar with video aggregation site Devour will be right at home on Digg Video, though the content might be a little more diverse. At the moment, you’ll see videos ranging from Jimmy Kimmel to an insane own basket from a college hoops game.

So, bored at work? Bookmark Digg Video and start watching. That stack of papers beside your desk can wait.


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