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Ubisoft Drops Uplay Passport, Modifies Assassin’s Creed IV

by Eric Frederiksen | November 1, 2013November 1, 2013 7:30 pm PDT


Remember how Ubisoft had locked part of the new Assassin’s Creed game behind the Uplay Passport that pollutes all its games?

Well, forget that. Ubisoft announced via its blog the discontinuation of the program in all future games, adding they are dropping it from Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag as well.

The Uplay Passport program was initiated as a means of giving customers full access and support for online multiplayer and features, along with exclusive content, bonuses and rewards. However, games today are blurring the line between offline and online, between what is “single player” and what is “multiplayer.” Based on that and on the feedback we received from you, we recognized that Passport is no longer the best approach for ensuring that all our customers have the best possible experience with all facets of our games.

I suspect Watch_Dogs and even the upcoming Tom Clancy game The Division played a role in this. While Assassin’s Creed has a pretty clear single player mode into which multiplayer elements bleed, Watch_Dogs and The Division intend to blend the two together seamlessly, making the application of such a passport difficult if not impossible.

It’s likely that Uplay itself will continue to be a part of Ubisoft games, giving players the option to log into that ugly menu to unlock character skins and gamer icons or whatever options we have for profile customization in the next generation, but it’s clear Ubisoft has heard our voices, followed EA’s lead, and gotten rid of online pass pay gates for its games.

Eric Frederiksen

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