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The PlayStation 4 Will Not Support External Hard Drives

by Joey Davidson | October 30, 2013October 30, 2013 1:00 pm PDT

PlayStation 4 Andew House

Sony just posted a massive FAQ for the PlayStation 4. In it is all sorts of information about the system. If you’re considering the PS4 as your next-gen home for at least the initial launch, you should hit the source link below and check the FAQ. It’s handy.

In that FAQ, Sony indicates that the on-board 500 GB hard drive is replaceable. We knew that bit. We’ve known that bit for a while. You can upgrade the storage in the PlayStation 4, as long as you meet these standards set down:

PS4 is equipped with a 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive. Users can choose to install a new hard drive so long as it complies with these standards, is no thicker than 9.5mm, and is larger than 160GB.

Then Sony posed this question:

Will users be able to connect an external hard drive to expand storage on PS4?

The answer? It’s simple.

No, this feature is not supported on PS4.

If you plan on going digital with the PlayStation 4, pick up an extra internal hard drive that meets the aforementioned specifications. You will not be able to use an external device.

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