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HTC Smartphone Blocks Gunshot to Save Man’s Life

by Jacob Kleinman | October 29, 2013October 29, 2013 4:30 pm PDT

htc phone stops bullet

A Florida gas station employee had a near brush with death on Monday morning, and authorities say he may only have survived thanks to the HTC EVO 3D handset sitting in his front shirt pocket. The Hess gas station clerk, who hasn’t been identified by the media, sustained minor injuries though the shooter is still at large. Following the news, HTC also gifted the man with a brand new HTC One to replace his destroyed smartphone.

Police told local Orange County news station WFTV the assailant entered the gas station yesterday morning and asked for help from the clerk before quickly pulling out a revolver and demanding access to the safe. When both employees present were unable to open the safe the would-be robber left, but not before firing a shot towards the clerk, which hit him in the abdomen but was blocked by his smartphone.

The HTC phone did such a good job blocking the bullet that the man ” didn’t even realize he’d been shot,” the police said, adding that the clerk is, “very fortunate, very lucky.” The victim was certainly lucky to own a thicker smartphone. The EVO 3D is 12mm thick, which is apparently enough to stop a bullet. Check out a shot of the phone, which shows a swollen battery, below:

htc phone stops bullet_2


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