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Vine Updated with “Time Travel” Video Editing

Vine - App - iPhone 5

Vine for Android and iOS was updated with several new features on Thursday, including the ability to edit Vines that you’ve already recorded.

The feature is officially called “Time Travel,” and lets you cut out or replace specific sequences in your Vine video before you publish it. To be fair, Instagram already allows some video editing, so Vine isn’t the first to offer the option, but it’s a solid update for Vine’s dedicated users.

Another feature, called Sessions, lets you save a Vine mid-way through recording sot hat you can add to it later. Vine says you can have ten sessions open at the same time, and this feature should allow for some unique new Vines that take place during the span of multiple hours, or days, unlike what we’ve seen before. We can only imagine the type of stop-motion video this will enable.

Vine version 1.4 is available for Android and iOS now, and we hope these capabilities launch on Vine for Windows Phone, which should be landing in the coming weeks.

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