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Safari Push Notification Requests Begin Ahead of OS X Mavericks Launch

by Jacob Kleinman | October 22, 2013October 22, 2013 8:50 am PDT

safari push notifications

Apple is likely set to launch OS X Mavericks in just a few hours, following a special event that may also feature new iPads and a refreshed MacBook Pro, but it looks like some websites are already making use of one of the software update’s new features: Safari Push Notifications. Users are reporting that The New York Times, and Pinterest all started offering the option to receive desktop notifications earlier today.

Current versions of Apple’s OS X offer push notifications for specific services, like incoming Google Chat messages and Facebook updates, but now you’ll be able to see whenever your favorite websites publishes new material—even when Safari isn’t open. We expect most major websites to take advantage of the feature in the coming weeks.

Apple is expected to provide a brief update on Mavericks today, though the OS X update was already discussed in detail during WWDC 2013 earlier this year. According to 9to5Mac, Mavericks will launch later this week through the Mac App Store. The software adds a number of new features, including tabs for your Finder window, improved multi-display support, longer battery life, a revamped Safari browser, a new desktop Apple Maps app and more.

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