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iPad Cover With Built-In Keyboard Rumored For Oct. 22 Event

by Jacob Kleinman | October 21, 2013October 21, 2013 9:30 am PDT


Apple is set to unveil redesigned versions of the iPad and iPad Mini at tomorrow’s special event, but a new report suggest the company could also release a redesigned tablet cover that features a built-in keyboard or touchpad similar to the covers Microsoft sells with its Surface devices. Consumer electronics veteran and former Apple employee Jamie Ryan claims Cupertino has developed several prototypes, though he can’t confirm the accessory will be announced at at tomorrow’s event.

Citing multiple “people at Apple,” Ryan reports that Apple could release the rumored cover for the redesigned iPad 5, using Bluetooth 4.0 to connect the devices. The move makes a lot of sense for Apple and may also be supported by the invitation sent out for tomorrow’s announcement, which reads, “We’ve still got a lot to cover.” The short message is primarily a reference to fresh news following the company’s iPhone event last month, but may also serve as a clue pointing to a redesigned iPad cover.

The new iPad 5 is expected to feature Apple’s new A7 chip, a built-in fingerprint reader with Touch ID, and an iPad mini inspired design with thinner side bezels, sharper edges and reoriented speaker grills. The iPad mini 2 will likely get an A6 chip, and may also feature a Retina Display.

We won’t know anything for sure until Apple’s official announcement though, so check back tomorrow for TechnoBuffalo’s full coverage of the event.

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