NYSE Preparing for Twitter IPO With Technical Tests

by Todd Haselton | October 20, 2013


Facebook’s initial public offering was marred in a lot of ways. The company opened on NASDAQ and the trade exchange was largely blamed for a lot of problems that traders faced when trying to buy and sell orders following the IPO. Ultimately millions of dollars were lost due to the technical issues. The New York Stock Exchange is working to prevent any possibility of that problem when Twitter goes public under the ticker symbol TWTR in the coming weeks.

According to a report inĀ The Wall Street Journal, the NYSE is working with brokerage firms to make sure that appropriate tests are done ahead of time so that there aren’t any fumbles on opening day. The decision was made following specific requests from trading firms, The Wall Street Journal said.

The report doesn’t name any specific trading firms, though the measures should ensure that things move smoothly for traders who begin to trade Twitter’s stock for the first time. A specific IPO date hasn’t been named, though most pundits suggest that shares of Twitter could begin trading in early November.


Todd Haselton

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