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PlayStation 4 Will Cost $1,850 in Brazil, More than Xbox One

by Ron Duwell | October 18, 2013October 18, 2013 8:30 pm PST

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$399.99 is a more than reasonable price for the PlayStation 4. The $599.99 bomb Sony dropped on the PlayStation 3 doesn’t even begin to compare with what Brazilian fans must drop if they want to play the latest Sony hardware. Fans living in North America, Western Europe and Japan have little room to complain about the more than fair price the company is asking.

The PlayStation 4 will retail in Brazil for a steep R$ 3.999 ($1,850) That is over 400 percent of what Americans are paying for their home entertainment devices. When it first launched, the PlayStation 3 cost even more, clocking it at nearly twice as much at R$7.000.

Brazil’s steep import taxes are what has caused the price to skyrocket.

Interestingly enough, the Xbox One will debut at R$2,200 ($1,000), making it cheaper in the South American nation. And we think the $100 difference in consoles here in America is steep. You can buy two American PlayStation 4 consoles with the price of that difference.

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