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Accounting Firm KPMG Places Order for 3,500 BlackBerry 10 Devices

by Todd Haselton | October 16, 2013October 16, 2013 8:00 pm PDT

BlackBerry Q10-Lock Screen 2

BlackBerry 10 hasn’t taken off and the most recent financial figures suggest that the platform and the devices that launched with it have largely been a failure for BlackBerry. Perhaps it’s better late than never for some positive news for BlackBerry 10, however. According to CNET, the accounting firm KPMG has placed an order for 3,500 BlackBerry 10 devices for use in its offices located in Italy.

It’s a small figure, though one that stands out particularly because the enterprise was once nearly a definite market for BlackBerry. That’s changed over the past several years, however, as Android and iOS grew in popularity and became more powerful. As a result, IT departments have adapted to the new operating systems and have progressed to new bring-your-own-device programs, ultimately leaving BlackBerry behind.

We’re not quite sure why the decision was made by KPMG to place the order, and all things considered it’s still relatively small.


Todd Haselton

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