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Google Glass Firmware Teardown Reveals Sweet New Voice Commands

by Brandon Russell | October 16, 2013October 16, 2013 10:00 pm PDT

Google Glass First Impressions site

Google Glass is still something very few people have access to, but a recent software teardown reveals the wearable technology is being molded into something very much designed for the everyday consumer. Thanks to an APK teardown performed by Android Police, it appears Glass will introduce a number of handy new voice commands—”Start a timer” and “Translate this” are a few examples—and new music playback features. Glass is sounding more and more like a wearable smartphone everyday.

The list of voice commands being introduced is actually fairly long, and includes phrases such as Find a Recipe, Play Music, Start a Run, and many, many more. Voice has been an important part of Glass from the beginning, so seeing Google working to expand the technology’s capabilities is no surprise. These are just simple commands, too; I wouldn’t put it past Google to have pages of phrases once Glass is ready for consumers.

Additional features hiding in the APK include a reference to a “double blink” detector, and more beautifully displayed music, which now includes album art, album name, track name and artist’s name. It’s unclear how Music in Glass will work, though Android Police surmises the feature will likely be used to remotely control music on your phone. As the command discovered in the GlassVoice.apk suggest, a user would simply say “Play Music,” and then say the song/artist/album they want to hear.

Glass is by no means anywhere close to consumer ready, though Google is still diligently working to evolve it into something you and I can one day purchase at a store. By then, you’ll be able to tell your Glass to do things like Call Me a Car and Start a Round of Golf, among other things.


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