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Apple Slashes iPhone 5c Orders for Foxconn and Pegatron

by Jacob Kleinman | October 16, 2013October 16, 2013 8:30 am PST

iPhone 5c - Review - Hero - 003

Reports are coming in that while Apple’s iPhone 5s has been a financial success, the cheaper iPhone 5c is a flop at its $99 price point. Now, The Wall Street Journal has seemingly confirmed these claims, reporting that Cupertino recently cut orders on the plastic handset for Q4 from two of its biggest manufacturers, Foxconn and Pegatron.

Citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter, WSJ reports that Apple cut its order with Pegatron by under 20 percent and by about a third with Foxconn. The article also notes that an unnamed component supplier’s order for iPhone 5c parts has been cut in half, which could have significant effects on the smartphone’s availability through 2014.

Apple said it sold nine million iPhones over its launch weekend last month, but didn’t reveal how that number broke down between the two new models. One report claims consumers bought more than twice as many copies of the iPhone 5s compared to the 5c, with many pointing to the plastic smartphone’s surprisingly high price tag as the reason for its disappointing sales.

If Apple is smart, it will shift its focus towards speeding up iPhone 5s production—especially that gold model—and consider coming back next year with a cheap smartphone that’s actually cheap.


Jacob Kleinman

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