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Nokia Reportedly Set to Unveil “Guru” Music Player at Oct. 22 Event

by Brandon Russell | October 15, 2013October 15, 2013 8:00 pm PDT


In addition to Nokia’s upcoming phablet and tablet devices, the Finnish company could also potentially introduce a new dedicated music device. Or, as @evleaks put it, an “iPod shuffle + NFC = Nokia Guru.” Earlier reports suggested six new devices will be showcased at Nokia’s Oct. 22 event, and it certainly appears like an MP3 player will be among them. But, since every smartphone is its own dedicated music device, will consumers even have any interest in the Guru?

The one major selling point of Nokia’s MP3 player, it seems, is the inclusion of NFC, though it’s unclear what capabilities the Guru will have as a result of the technology. It’ll likely have some special connection to Nokia’s Lumia lineup, but beyond that, we’re not really sure. MP3 players are an aging breed, but Nokia allegedly feels there’s enough life left to warrant a new product.

Nokia also reportedly has a phablet (Lumia 1520) and tablet (Lumia 2520) in the works, so there’s still plenty of life left in the company before eventually getting consumed by Microsoft. An MP3 player wasn’t really something we predicted, but with six rumored products in the pipeline, it sure looks like Nokia is ready to come at us with everything but the kitchen sink. TechnoBuffalo will be on hand at Nokia event next week, so keep it locked here to find out what the company has planned.

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