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Google Glass Patent Describes Hand Gestures to “Like” Real Life Objects

by Jacob Kleinman | October 15, 2013October 15, 2013 9:30 pm PDT

google glass-heart-patent

We’re as excited as the rest of the tech community to see Google roll out Google Glass to the consumer market, hopefully as a redesigned version of the Explorer Editions currently available to developers for $1,500. A new patent awarded to Google earlier today reveals a feature that may show up in the next generation of Glass, the ability to “Like” and select real world objects and images by tracking your own hand gestures.

The patent, which was originally filed on July 8, 2011, is titled, “Hand gestures to signify what’s important,” and details how the feature might work. To “Like” an object, the user could simply look at it while wearing Google Glass and make a heart shape with their hands to share an image of it on social media. Similarly, framing an object with you fingers would select it with Glass.

The patent references a “head-mounted display having eyeglasses or goggles,” but never mentions Glass by name, though it was submitted around the time Google first started producing prototypes for the wearable device. There’s no guarantee this feature will show up in the next generation of Glass, or in this version. Then again, with Google’s open API it probably wouldn’t take long for a third party developer to create something very similar.


Jacob Kleinman

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