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Now That Castle Clout is Forgotten, Angry Birds Go Targets Mario Kart

by Joey Davidson | October 15, 2013October 15, 2013 4:00 pm PST

An Angry Birds kart racing game? Why not? Rovio’s already demonstrated their ability to borrow ideas and make whole franchises out of them before.

Remember Castle Clout? You probably don’t. How about Crush the Castle from 2009? That one’s a bit more popular. Ever heard of Angry Birds? Bingo. Castle Clout and Crush the Castle were two of the first batch of flinging physics puzzle games to arrive.

Angry Birds was late to the party, but managed to completely eclipse its competitors.

Now, Rovio is set to introduce Angry Birds Go!, a kart racer in the vein of, yep, Mario Kart. Of course, the karting genre is much bigger than Mario these days. Plenty of efforts have stood up and shown their own quality in this slice of gaming.

Rovio hopes Angry Birds Go! is the next. The catch? It’s free-to-play. How’s that sit with you?

Angry Birds Go! will hit iOS and Android on Dec. 11.

Joey Davidson

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