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Apple Under Fire Again for Employee Treatement at Stores

by Jacob Kleinman | October 14, 2013October 14, 2013 6:00 pm PDT


Apple is being hit with a second class action lawsuit for forcing its employees to spend extra time in its stores without offering overtime pay. The suit was filed by Taylor Kalin, an ex-Apple Store employee from Spokane, Wash., and his attorney Peter R. Dion-Kindem.

Kain claims that employees at his retail store in Spokane at were forced to stand in line and wait to be checked for any stolen devices before leaving the Apple Store for lunch and at the end of the day. These security checks allegedly took as long as 30 minutes to go through the entire staff, and employees were never paid for this off-the-clock time spent at work. Kalin’s suit also notes that the company does not pay for time spent clocking in to work, his attorney told Law360.

Earlier this year in August, a similar lawsuit was filed by two former Apple Store employees, who described a similar situation but claimed that wait time for security checks only took five to 10 minutes per day. Those minutes add up however, and lawsuit argued that the collective time for the store’s employees came out to about 40 hours of unpaid overtime per week.

It’s unclear if this is a common issue across all of Apple’s stores, or just two isolated instances of employee mistreatment. It’s certainly understandable that the company needs to protect itself from internal theft, considering how valuable the contents of a single Apple Store are. However, it’s possible that employees at the majority of its stores are fairly compensated for the time used up by these additional security measures.


Jacob Kleinman

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