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Analyst Expects Apple to Sell 5 to 10 Million iWatches During First Year

by Brandon Russell | October 7, 2013October 7, 2013 2:00 pm PST


Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster estimates Apple could sell up to 10 million iWatches in its first twelve months of availability. Munster’s findings are based on a survey he took about wearable technology; of 799 U.S. consumers, only 12 percent said they’d purchase a wearable device; the rest said no. Munster in particular asked those surveyed if they’d get an iWatch, which would have the ability to connect directly to an iPhone, that was in the $350 range.

But despite such tepid interest, Munster believes that Apple’s overall iPhone userbase, which is estimated at almost 300 million, will help propel iWatch sales to 5 to 10 million units. That would add, in Munster’s estimation, $2.5 billion to Apple’s top line, and $750 million in profit; that’s assuming, however, that such a wearable device would retail for $350. Apple’s iWatch rumors have gained steam over the last few weeks following a few key acquisitions, though the project still seems more like fanboy hope then actual reality.

This year, Apple has introduced a few Mac updates and its most recent iPhone devices. Otherwise, aside from iOS 7, the company’s year has been relatively quiet. We expect new iPads to be on the agenda this month, along with the retail introduction of Mavericks, but iWatches aren’t expected this year. Does that mean to expect something next year? That’s what many evangelists seem to think.


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