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AT&T Moto X Receiving Sofware Update Now: Camera Improvements [Updated]

by Roy Choi | October 4, 2013October 4, 2013 4:15 pm PDT


Friday AT&T began pushing a Moto X software update that drastically improves the handset’s camera. In addition to camera improvements the update includes optimized Touchless Control and better process for Google Now voice commands.

It appears Verizon Wireless users must wait a tad longer for the carrier to push the update to users, while T-Mobile, Sprint and now AT&T Moto X owners have already had the firmware update pushed out to them.

We’re still waiting on our AT&T Moto X to receive the aforementioned update.

We were already pleased with the Moto X’s ease of use and rank it as one of our favorite Android devices, surely the camera update will make it a more enjoyable device.

Update: We received the update.  See the changelog/update pop-up:


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