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Adobe Admits Hackers Stole 2.9M Customer Names and Credit Card Data

by Jacob Kleinman | October 4, 2013October 4, 2013 10:30 am PDT

A burglar opening a safe that is a computer screen

Adobe revealed this week that an unidentified cyber attack compromised its network, giving hackers access to 2.9 million customers names along with encrypted banking data, information related to consumer product orders, and the source code for its own services. The news was announced yesterday by the company’s chief security officer Brad Arkin on Adobe’s official blog.

The company claims that its customers’ stolen debit and credit card numbers and expiration dates were all encrypted, meaning the hackers won’t be able to easily access the information. Adobe will reset all account passwords, and customers should expect to receive an email in the near future prompting them to change their passwords on any other websites where they might use the same password.

Arkin doesn’t note when the attack on its network took place, simply stating that Adobe’s security team only recently discovered what he calls a “sophisticated attack” on the company’s network. He also adds that its possible the two attacks, one targeting customer data and another focused on Adobe’s own source code, could be completely unconnected.

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