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Galaxy Note 3 Build-Cost Revealed at $240 Per Unit

by Jacob Kleinman | October 3, 2013October 3, 2013 11:00 pm PDT

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Battery

The Galaxy Note 3 is an impressive piece of machinery, boasting the latest specs along with the best software Android and Samsung have to offer, but is it worth the price? The teardown experts at TechInsights recently tore apart the new phablet and analyzed its component costs, putting its total bill of materials (BOM) price at just $237.50.

Considering that an unsubsidized copy of the Note 3 costs about $700, depending on where you get it, Samsung is likely raking in some big profits. On contract, the Note 3 costs $299 from most carriers in the U.S., though Sprint’s model costs about $50 more.

TechInsights also notes that the Galaxy Note 3 costs about $20 more to build than last year’s Note II. That’s no big surprise, considering that the redesigned phablet offers a larger and higher resolution screen, more RAM, a faster processor and GPU, a stronger battery and a better camera.


Jacob Kleinman

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