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Always Know Where Your Kid Is With the FiLIP Smartwatch

by Brandon Russell | October 1, 2013October 1, 2013 11:00 am PST


The smartwatch craze is reaching new heights (or lows) with the announcement of a brand new device by Filip Technologies, though it’s not what you think. In an effort to keep track of wandering children, the company has partnered with AT&T to offer a new wearable device that’s essentially GPS for kids. Want to know if yours has traveled out of a designated “safe zone?” The new FiLIP smartwatch will tell you.

Kids don’t know any better, and parents don’t always pay attention—I once got lost in a Japanese mall when I was three (sorry, mom); FiLIP is designed to put both parties, parents in particular, at ease, coming not only with the aforementioned GPS functionality, but the ability to handle voice calls and direct messages. The GPS feature allows parents to know precisely where their kid is through an iPhone app; it’s kind of like toddler house arrest band.

“Our goal with FiLIP has been to create a product that empowers kids to explore their world while remaining in touch with those who care about them most,” explained Jon Peachey, CEP of Filip Technologies. In addition to Safe Zones, notification, messaging and voice calls, the small colorful watch features an intelligent emergency procedure, which locates the child and immediately puts them in touch with designated contacts.

Pricing hasn’t been shared, nor what service plans FiLIP will support, though AT&T said more information will be shared over the coming months. So long as you’re wearing your new FiLIP watch, parents can essentially keep track of their child no matter where they go. What a fun stocking stuffer that would be.


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