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This is What Mighty No. 9 Looks Like After 7 Days of Development

by Joey Davidson | September 30, 2013September 30, 2013 10:30 pm PST

Mighty No. 9 is now in its closing Kickstarter campaign hours. The spiritual successor to Mega Man helmed by Keiji Inafune and comcept USA, LLC has just over a day left to earn money for production and distribution.

As of the exact moment I drafted this story, the title has earned more than $3.1 million. The initial goal for Mighty No. 9 was $900k. It’s been pretty successful, I’d say.

Now, comcept has revealed an engine test for the title. Mighty No. 9 will run on the Unreal Engine, and the video you see at the head of this post is what the game is looking like after just seven days in development. Don’t expect sound from the clip, because that hasn’t been made yet.

This video is super, super early. As such, comcept and Inti Creates are quick to call it nothing more than a placeholder. This, hilariously enough, is the clip’s description:

 A super-short, super-rough engine test Inti Creates made in just seven days to see if Unreal would be viable for Mighty No. 9. To be 100% clear (caps lock on!): THE GAME WILL NOT NECESSARILY LOOK LIKE THIS VIDEO, MOVE LIKE THIS VIDEO, OR ACT LIKE THIS VIDEO — THIS IS A COMPLETELY ROUGH TEST ONLY, MADE IN LITERALLY ONE WEEK, USING ALL PLACEHOLDER ASSETS AND ANIMATION just to test how parts of the engine work. With no shaders, filters, or even models and key art in place yet, normally we would never show anything like this since it’s not representative of the final game at all, but in the spirit of this Kickstarter in showing how the game is made, even from the very earliest steps, we thought it would still be pretty cool to see a glimpse of Beck moving around in the engine (even if it is a placeholder Beck, moving through a placeholder level with placeholder enemies and animations!).

For a rough placeholder that may or may not hold any resemblance to the final product, the 13 seconds above are pretty sharp. We’re pumped for this game, how about you?

Joey Davidson

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