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Android Overtakes Apple iPads in Q2 Tablet Sales, Report Says

by Jacob Kleinman | September 30, 2013September 30, 2013 4:00 pm PST


For the first time since Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad in 2010, Google’s Android army overtook Apple in tablet sales. The milestone happened during the second quarter of 2013, according to a report from ABI Research. The technology research firm claims that Android overtook the iPad in units sold, while hardware revenue is now equal for the two platforms.

According to ABI, Apple lost significant ground over the past few months, but still grabs a noteworthy 50 percent of worldwide tablet revenues, splitting the market with all other vendors, the vast majority of which use some version of Google’s Android operating system. ┬áThat’s key to remember here: while Android has the lead on the total number of tablets, the revenue share from those sales is split among several tablet makers. ABI said that Apple earned $6.3 billion in the past fiscal quarter, putting it just under half of the total market revenue, which came out to $12.7 billion.

Meanwhile, the market shift from full-sized tablets to 7-inch devices has had a negative effect on Apple’s revenue as well. With the iPad mini now outselling its older brother, the company’s average selling price (ASP) on its line of tablets has dropped 17 percent as it nears the market average. Meanwhile, the ASP for Android tablets has jumped up 17 percent in the same period of time.

ABI Research

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