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Apple and AT&T Ordered to Pay Up In Class Action Lawsuit Over 3G iPad

by Brandon Russell | September 28, 2013September 28, 2013 2:00 pm PST

iPad 2 face down

A U.S. judge this week ruled against Apple and AT&T in a class action lawsuit, ordering Apple to pay $40 to anyone that purchased a 3G iPad before June 7, 2010. The settlement stems from an issue surrounding a perceived bait-and-switch tactic, in which iPads were sold with the promise of unlimited data, only for the companies to then nix the unlimited data option. The situation left many consumers feeling like they’d overpaid for their 3G iPad, thus the lawsuit.

If you did wind up purchasing a 3G iPad but never got a data plan to go with it, you might be eligible for a $20/month discount on a 5GB monthly plan through AT&T. The deal itself isn’t expected to get final approval until February of next year, so you don’t have any dough coming just yet. Once everything is done, however, you’ll be contacted by Apple to get that $40 check. Unfortunately, because of a no-class action provision in AT&T’s contracts, you won’t be eligible for that monthly discount if you did sign up for a data plan with your 3G iPad.

If you want more information about the judge’s decision, hit up the source link to learn more.

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