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Twitter Scores Advertising Partnership With the NFL

by Ron Duwell | September 27, 2013September 27, 2013 7:00 am PDT


Twitter has just snagged itself a huge partnership with one of the most recognizable American brand names: the NFL. Video highlights, stats, and plenty of more information will now be broadcast through the growing social network.

Videos sent from the NFL will be a part of Twitter’s Amplify deals, which allows advertisers to show videos in posts and share in the revenue generated through clicks.

“Twitter understands the value of incremental consumption and engagement,” said the NFL’s Chief Operating Officer Brian Rolapp. “That means they’re able to do things with people like us that perhaps other people in social media or technology in general are not. It’s not by happenstance that we’re doing this with them.”

Highlights and replays will be available live during Thursday nights when the NFL Network plays its network exclusive game. When other networks air games on Sunday and Monday, clips and information will become available afterwards so as not to eat into the television revenue.

Verizon is also set to benefit from the deal as America’s largest carrier has exclusive rights to the Amplify ads during the Super Bowl, and can still deliver exclusive content to its subscribers which Twitter must wait for. Verizon has been a premiere sponsor of the NFL for the last four years with payments of up to $1 billion to keep that deal alive.

The commitment to such a large franchise is bound to look good for Twitter as it comes closer and closer to its looming IPO.

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