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Truck Stop Recreates Burnout’s Crash Mode Using Unity Engine

by Ron Duwell | September 26, 2013September 26, 2013 10:00 pm PDT

The Burnout series is one of the greatest racing franchises out there, and its future sadly remains in limbo after Criterion sent most of its employees to other studios and focuses more on Need for Speed and a new non-racing title. Those looking to enjoy Burnout 3: Takedown‘s widely popular Crash Mode out for another spin might just be in luck.

Former Criterion employee Adam Sawkins has worked on Burnout games in the past, and he is putting all of his knowledge to good use in a small indie game known as Truck Stop.

Not too deep of a description is required. Simply take a truck, ram it at top speed into a busy intersection, and watch the destruction unfold before your eyes. Bonuses and multipliers add to your score, and you can compete with friends on leaderboards.

And what would an indie game be without zombies? Truck Stop also takes the carnage into a zombie apocalypse, where crashing into hordes of the living dead racks up points. If zombies are not your thing, how about the low gravity surface of Mars? Trucks float magnificently through the air, traveling further than possible on Earth’s surface.

If you can keep your expectations of the game’s graphics in check, then this could be a great little indie title. Remember, this is a product of the Unity engine, not a AAA development team using Frostbite 3. It’s available now for $5 at IndieCity, even though it is a work in progress, and you can vote for it on Steam Greenlight if you are a Burnout fan or just love causing mayhem.


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