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iPad 5 Smart Covers Leak Out, Match Leaked Back Panels

by Sean P. Aune | September 26, 2013September 26, 2013 8:59 am PDT

A slew of alleged smart covers for the iPad 5 have appeared online, and it is definitely beginning to look as all of the pieces are falling together for the launch to arrive very soon.

The evidence is definitely mounting that the leaked iPad 5 rear shells we’ve seen as of late are the real deal. While normally we would like to call of these parts as being “alleged” components, the evidence is just becoming undeniable at this point, or someone is pointing off the most elaborate hoax ever.

Unbox Therapy has gotten its hands on what appears to be the smart covers for the fifth generation iPad in multiple colors, and, sure enough, they match up perfectly with the the iPad 5 back panel that it is also in possession of. While normally leaked smart covers wouldn’t be that interesting on their own, its the fact they match up so perfectly with the rear shells that have been appearing.

Due to the fact they do match up, it appears to confirm that the iPad form factor is indeed changing in this next generation and will be far more like its smaller brother, the iPad mini.

Apple has still yet to acknowledge when the iPad 5 is going to be released, but rumors are pointing to an announcement coming next month, possibly on Oct. 15.

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