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iPhone 5s Sale Made Up 78% of Apple’s Smartphone Launch Weekend

by Jacob Kleinman | September 24, 2013September 24, 2013 9:00 am PST


Apple revealed yesterday that it sold nine million units of the iPhone 5s and 5c in its first weekend, but so far the company has refrained from breaking down sales between the two devices. Thankfully, research firm Localytics has broken down the numbers for us, revealing a huge preference for the more expensive iPhone 5s over its colorful brother around the world.

Localytics’ report is based on the number of activated new iPhones recorded in the first 72 hours following the new smartphones’ launch, and notes that globally, 78 percent of new smartphones sold were the iPhone 5s, showing a clear preference for the more expensive flagship model. The research firm adds that the Gold model may be the reason, particularly in Asian markets where the flashy device proved very popular.

The report also notes that while U.S. consumers made up the vast majority of iPhone sales last weekend, on average more American customers chose the iPhone 5c compared to rates in Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia and China, where 91 percent of customers chose the more expensive model.



Jacob Kleinman

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