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The Evil Within Eyes-On Preview – Hulking Chainsaws

Shinji Mikami’s next-gen survival-horror game, The Evil Within, was not available to play at TGS this year, but the extended trailer was shown behind closed doors. It had extra gameplay never before seen.

Boy oh boy, does Shinji Mikami still have a strange attraction to the chainsaw? Our protagonist, Det. Sebastian Castellanos, enters a house of horrors investigating dozens of murders and quickly finds himself on the run from a brutish psychopath wielding the Resident Evil 4 iconic weapon.

The demo has the beast slice off a chunk of Castellanos’  leg and toss him into a cage. Escape only lies beyond a horrific room of rapidly spinning swords quickly closing on him. In the meantime, his injured leg slows him down, and it’s either deal with the pain of his gash or get cut to ribbons.

The hallways make up the most terrifying scene in the demo, but the brute still chases him on his escape from the house afterwards, and stealth becomes the only way to flee. Just be sure not to trip any traps set by him, or put too much weight on that injured leg, or he will hear. You will not beat this guy in a man to man fight.

Hallways of all kinds play a huge part in this haunted house. Hallucinations distort Castellanos’ reality and bring his worst horrors to life as he walks down one. Another goes totally black with a door at the end, but no matter how far he walks, it never gets closer.

The Evil Within, or Psycho Break as it’s known around here, is more than just about gore. Twisted visuals and claustrophobic atmosphere give it that extra horrific edge needed to set it apart from the pack. This is going to be one hell of a ride.

The Evil Within will launch for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC next year.

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