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Samsung’s New Windows Phone may be Codenamed “Cronus”

by Jacob Kleinman | September 20, 2013September 20, 2013 8:00 pm PST


Last month, a new Samsung-designed Windows Phone popped up on GFXBench, listing a smartphone with model number SGH-I187 and mid-range specs. Now, Evleaks has apparently confirmed the device, revealing that the South Korean company is referring to it internally as the Cronus.

The Cronus is expected to come equipped with a dual-core Qualcomm processor that could be the Snapdragon 400, a 1280 x 720-pixel display, as well as 1GB of RAM and likely 8GB of storage. The new smartphone will most likely run Windows Phone 8, and based on those specs we’re not expecting it to include the upcoming GDR3 upgrade, which supports 1080p and quad-core processors.

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile division, it’s interesting to see that Samsung may still be working on its ATIV-branded line of Windows Phones. Once the merger is complete, it’s possible Microsoft will begin pushing its own of Windows Phone 8 devices instead of licensing its software to other OEMs, but for now, the operating system is still open to all takers.


Jacob Kleinman

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