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Mid-Range Nokia Android Smartphone Still in Development

by Jacob Kleinman | September 19, 2013September 19, 2013 9:30 am PST

Nokia Lumia 900 Running Android 4.1

Last week we learned that leading up to Microsoft’s acquisition, Nokia was secretly testing an Android-powered Lumia smartphone. Now, with the buyout just a few months from being finalized, CTech reports that the Finnish company hasn’t stopped developing its Android handset, adding that Foxconn has already manufactured 10,000 prototypes of the device.

It sounds like Nokia was aiming for emerging markets with its first Android smartphone, based on its Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor. However, it’s also possible that a later model of the device, allegedly codenamed MView after Google’s California HQ, would have packed a more powerful CPU, but at this point it’s unlikely we’ll ever know the truth about Nokia’s rumored Android handset.

The news does confirm one thing though, that Microsoft was right to buy Nokia when it did. The company was clearly putting some serious thought into abandoning Windows Phone, and considering Nokia commanded 80 percent of WP market share, it would have been a huge loss for Microsoft. With the buyout all but finalized at this point, Microsoft has bought itself ten years of total devotion from Nokia’s mobile division, effectively killing the Lumia Android line before it ever began.


Jacob Kleinman

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