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Google Wallet for iOS Now Available

by Brandon Russell | September 19, 2013September 19, 2013 10:00 am PST

Following a pretty substantial Google Wallet update for Android earlier this week, the search giant’s payment app is now available for iOS devices. Released on Thursday, the new app gives Apple users the ability to transfer funds between friends, loyalty card support and nearby deal functionality. Without NFC, of course, tap-to-pay is non-existent, but many of Wallet’s other features are present, so there’s parity between the competing platforms.

Google Wallet can be kept locked up with a secure PIN, and if you accidentally misplace your device, Wallet can be remotely disabled through Google’s website. In addition to nearby deals, Wallet allows users to take advantage of offers that can be redeemed in stores. Anyone with a valid U.S. email address can send money to a friend—you can also store credit and debit cards for reference. Google Wallet for iOS is compatible with devices running iOS 6 and later.


Brandon Russell

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