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T-Mobile Called Out for Bending the Truth in Anti-AT&T Ads (Update)

by Jacob Kleinman | September 17, 2013September 17, 2013 12:30 pm PST

T-Mobile Jump Announcement July 2013 - 07

T-Mobile and its energetic CEO John Legere earned a slap on the wrist today from the National Advertising Division over a series of ads attacking AT&T. A statement from the NAD calls out the “uncarrier” for a number of false claims, including one which stated that it offers 50 percent more bandwidth than AT&T. T-Mobile also may have falsely claimed to offer the “most advanced technology” and “faster 4G service.”

NAD, the investigative branch of the Better Business Bureau, argues that T-Mobile’s bandwidth claims are based on HSPA networks alone, and leave out AT&T’s ultra-fast LTE service. The organization goes on to call T-Mobile’s claims “flawed,” adding that there is no clear evidence AT&T’s network is slower that the competing carrier.

Under Legere’s leadership, T-Mobile has undergone a pretty impressive transformation, while relentlessly attacking its biggest competitors. AT&T in particular, is often the focus of the company’s barbs, largely because its subscribers can easily switch over to T-Mobile. Legere has also frequently targeted Sprint, in an effort to push past the third-place carrier.

Update: T-Mobile has reached out to give TechnoBuffalo a statement.

NAD’s findings are a validation of our marketing approach.  In fact, today’s NAD findings won’t result in any substantial changes to our marketing claims.  We will continue to spread the word about our coast to coast 4G coverage, super fast 4G network, and superior call clarity, along with our message of simple, no annual service contract plans, unlimited data and the best upgrade program, JUMP!


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