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Apple Offers Older Versions of Apps for Outdated iDevices

by Jacob Kleinman | September 17, 2013September 17, 2013 11:30 am PDT

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Sadly, not every iPhone or iPad will be able to upgrade to iOS 7 when Apple releases its redesigned operating system on Sept. 18, but Cupertino is rolling out a new feature to make sure its older devices—and their owners—don’t get left out in the cold. A new update for iDevices running outdated versions of iOS lets you download apps by retrieving the most recent version compatible with your device.

The change was first reported on Reddit, after one user tried downloading Instagram onto a second generation iPod Touch and was offered an older version of the photo-sharing app. Considering that old iPhones and iPads often get passed along to friends and family, the update should prove extremely helpful, and we’re sure Apple fans with old devices still sitting around will get a kick out of downloading a year-old version of Twitter’s iOS app as well.

iOS 7, which launches tomorrow, should work with the iPhone 4 and up, meaning anything older won’t be able to download the new operating system. The updated software includes a flattened and colorful design as well as improved multi-tasking, iTunes Radio and number of other features. Check out our latest iOS 7 walkthrough here.

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