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Siri No Longer In Beta As iOS 7 Release Looms

by Brandon Russell | September 16, 2013September 16, 2013 10:30 am PST

WWDC 2013 - iOS 7 - Siri - 002

After nearly two-years since launching as a marquee feature on the iPhone 4s, Apple’s maligned personal assistant, Siri, is finally out of beta. Following Apple’s latest iPhone announcement, the company has quietly updated its Siri landing page to reflect the software’s beta-less designation. Since unveiling iOS 7 in June, Apple has equipped Siri with a redesigned interface, new functionality and even new voices. Best of all, the personal assistant finally sounds natural.

Over Siri’s short life, the technology has been riddled with issues and a glaring lack of functionality. Highlighting the service’s issues even more was the presence of Google Search, which has quickly become a darling in Google’s impressive suite of apps. For Apple’s part, the company had no delusions about Siri being in beta, so the technology was never expected to move mountains. But seeing as it was essentially used to sell the iPhone 4s, consumers expected a little more.

Now that Siri is no longer in beta, though, Apple’s personal assistant will have no excuses; it needs to perform. From the short time we’ve spent with the Gold Master of iOS 7, Siri definitely seems more capable and is much easier to listen to. Apple’s iOS 7, with the all new and improved Siri, along with Jony Ive’s skeuomorphic-less vision, is set to roll out to Apple users on Sept. 18.

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