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Rainbow Six: Vegas Is Your Free Games with Gold Option This Week

by Ron Duwell | September 16, 2013September 16, 2013 6:30 pm PST

Rainbow Six Vegas

Xbox Live Gold Members can treat themselves to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas this week thanks to the Games for Gold option from Microsoft.

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter was one of the earliest to use cover-based shooting in the face of Gears of War making it a must-have game mechanic. The difference is that compared to all the other knock-offs, Rainbow Six: Vegas pulled it off without a hitch and even made a few improvements to the duck and cover formula.

Rainbow Six: Vegas was released way back in 2006, and has even seen a sequel since then. Some might disagree, but I’ll put Rainbow Six: Vegas a few notches above it because the perfect level design is so spot on. The sequel feels a little rushed and doesn’t seem to have the same level of ingenuity to the cover.

If you haven’t played it by now, there is no better chance to give it a whirl. I would normally hound Microsoft for offering such an old option in the face of newer games seen by Sony every week, but they get a pass for offering this dated but worthy package. I bought it alongside Dead Rising when I first made the jump into the seventh generation consoles, so there is a little sentimentality here for it being in my first wave of HD games.

Amazon sells used copies for a penny these days, so if physical gaming is still your deal, you can snag a copy for the price of shipping as well.

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