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ICO and GTA: Liberty City Stories Free on PS Plus

by Joey Davidson | September 16, 2013September 16, 2013 5:30 pm PDT


The PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection is one of the best features running in Sony’s subscription member service. The company adds fantastic games of the new and old variety to the collection, and PS Plus members can play the titles for free until they’re taken down.

The two latest additions to the catalogue are pretty great.

First up is Team Ico’s ICO, a wonderful PlayStation 2 game that was recently HD-ified alongside Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStation. This game is fantastic, and it will challenge you on mental and emotional levels throughout its campaign.

Second, and this one clearly comes in honor of this week’s release of Grand Theft Auto V, is GTA: Liberty City StoriesLiberty City Stories is for the PS Vita/PSP, so expect a nice, tight, portable ride in the Grand Theft Auto universe. While not as brilliant as other entries in the franchise, having this one free as a side plate to the entree that is GTAV is nice.

Both PlayStation Plus offerings will be made available when the PS Store update rolls in tomorrow, 9/17. Are you folks glad to be members? To those non-members among us, will these additions push your hand?

Joey Davidson

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