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Google Shores Up Security for Google Voice With New Update

by Jacob Kleinman | September 16, 2013September 16, 2013 10:00 pm PST

Google Voice

Google Voice is getting an update to increase security, particularly when it comes to who can access your voicemail stored on the service. The company announced the news today in a post on its website, announcing that in the future users will only be able to access voicemails from a verified phone number or by inputting a special PIN code specific to the service.

Any phone number already marked as Mobile will automatically have access to voicemail, though you can also beef up security by requiring a PIN at all times. If you call in from another phone number listed under either Work or Home you’ll always need to use your PIN. To access and tweak the new features just open the Settings tab in Google Voice, select Phones and then Edit followed by Show Advanced settings and finally Voicemail Access.


Jacob Kleinman

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