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BBM for Android Leaks, But Service Not Functional Quite Yet

by Brandon Russell | September 16, 2013September 16, 2013 3:30 pm PST

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger’s imminent arrival on competing platforms is getting ever closer. Over the weekend, a special whitelisted build was allegedly posted to the Web, though only a few designated users were able to gain access. The .apk of that same app has been released to the Internet, via CrackBerry, though regular users unfortunately can’t get past the platform’s login screen. It appears so close, yet so far.

Still on schedule for an end of summer release, BBM is BlackBerry’s best chance to infiltrate iOS and Android ecosystems—and maybe even steal some users. Outside of a vague summer timeframe, it’s still unclear when the platform will launch outside of BlackBerry’s declining empire, but it sure seems as though we’re on the cusp. A BlackBerry executive did say BBM was submitted to Apple’s App Store a few weeks back, though it still hasn’t officially turned up.

If you’re especially anxious for BBM on Android, you can download the .apk and sideload it onto your device. Just don’t expect any useful functionality, although it does look like you’ll be able to start exchanging PINs soon.

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