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Apple Allegedly Holding Next Event Oct. 15


Apple’s next media event will allegedly be held on Tuesday, Oct. 15. According to French website MacGeneration, the upcoming jubilee will largely focus on multiple new iPads, with some Mac, OS X Mavericks and a potential Apple TV announcement thrown in for good measure. From the sounds of it, Apple’s iPhone unveiling earlier this month was just an appetizer; the full course is less than a month away.

As 9to5Mac notes, MacGeneration has offered both accurate and inaccurate information in the past, so there’s no telling how legit the website’s report is. It has long been believed Apple has a lot in store for fans this fall, and with the company’s new iPhones setting the stage, it appears there’s plenty more to come. We’ve seen plenty of Apple’s new iPads over the past several weeks, so it’s a pretty safe bet new tablets will be on the docket. Whether the iPad mini 2 will receive Retina treatment remains to be seen.

As for new Macs, Apple could infuse some Haswell love to its MacBook Pro; meanwhile, 9to5Mac reported earlier that iMac stock is constrained, so perhaps we’ll see a refresh with those as well. As for that Apple TV; the jury is still out. In addition to a supposed software upgrade hitting this month, rumors suggest we’ll see new hardware at Apple’s next event, though it’s unclear how a new device will differ from Apple TV’s current iteration.

Holding an event a little over a month after announcing new iPhones will give Apple plenty of time to regain its composure, but it’s also short enough to keep fans hyped. We’re expecting the company’s bigger iPad redesign to resemble Apple’s iPad mini when it hits, though we’re still not quite sure how the larger device will differ internally. For a look at what the iPad might look like when it’s unveiled next month, you can check out a full gallery here.

MacGeneration 9to5Mac