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BlackBerry Bidders Allegedly Want to Chop Company Into Parts

by Brandon Russell | September 14, 2013September 14, 2013 10:00 am PDT

BlackBerry Q10-Lock Screen

A new Reuters report suggests parties interested in bidding on BlackBerry essentially want to chop the company into parts. As the Waterloo company weighs up its options, several potential buyers, including private equity firms, are only really interested in certain assets in BlackBerry’s possession rather than the company as a whole. Messenger, the company’s venerable communication platform, is likely one such part.

According to sources, some bidders are quite interested in BlackBerry’s latest OS and patents surrounding its keyboard, which has been one of the company’s strongest suits since the very beginning. At this point, it’s unclear which private equity firm has the upper hand, but sources close to the situation claim the sales process is expected to get underway in just a few weeks.

Valued at $5 billion, BlackBerry has endured a tremendous fall since reaching its highest market value of $84 billion back in 2008—today that market value is down to just $5.4 billion. Previous reports claimed BlackBerry was looking to have something finalized by November, which really isn’t all that far away. An outright purchase of the company as a whole is allegedly keeping some buyers from making a bid, but sources say some specific assets are keeping bidders around.

Firms have apparently circled around BlackBerry for two years now, but nothing has come of it. With iOS and Android continuing to dominate, however, it appears BlackBerry, unable to make any significant traction with BB10, is finally ready to raise the white flag. November is just around the corner, so we’ll find out soon enough what’s to come of the once great Canadian giant.


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