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Twitter Releases Major Android App Redesign for Beta Testing

by Jacob Kleinman | September 13, 2013September 13, 2013 11:30 am PST


Twitter unveiled some huge changes to its Android app today, releasing a Beta version of the redesigned application to members of Twitter for Android Experiment, a Google Group that doesn’t seem to be accepting new members at the moment. The updated UI, listed as version 5.0, aims to replace the classic menu of tabs with a vertical menu that slides out with a swipe.

There are still tabs, and Twitter has actually boosted the number of options from four (Home, Notifications, Messages and Me) to seven with new tabs for Activity, Trending and Find People. The slide-out panel also offers the same seven options, suggesting Twitter may be planning to abolish its tabs altogether, as long as its Beta testers approve.

The social media company recently introduced a new feature to both its site and apps, adding a blue line which connected conversations it thinks are important to you. The update resulted in some pretty heavy blowback from Twitter’s users—mostly on its own platform—who felt the change ruined the experience. Soon afterward, the Twitter for Android Experiment was born, suggesting that in the future the company will check with its users before implementing any noticeable changes.

Jacob Kleinman

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